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"The Arts Center has done such wonderful things for our community!"

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Our volunteer force consists of nearly 400 individuals without whom the show could not go on. Volunteers help us in numerous ways but most frequently and essentially as ushers, ticket-takers, and concession-workers at all performances held at the State Theatre.

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Become a Member

Your membership makes a difference. With your help, we are able to present the best entertainment possible at affordable ticket prices, keep our facility running smoothly, and secure the future of arts education and enjoyment in the Chippewa Valley.

For over 20 years, the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center has been promoting the appreciation, expression, and growth of the arts in the Chippewa Valley. The Eau Claire Regional Arts Center provides a home base for local arts organizations, gallery space for area professional artists, a 1,100-seat auditorium for local and national touring shows, and countless opportunities for everyone in the community to enrich their lives through the arts.

The community needs the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center. Each year, over 100,000 people of all ages and backgrounds participate in arts programs at the State Theatre as performers, artists, audience members, students, visitors, and volunteers.

The Eau Claire Regional Arts Center needs the community to support its activities and operation. Ticket sales cover less than one-third of expenses. Memberships, sponsorships, grants, and other contributions provide the bulk of our funding.

Membership Levels

Friend - $50 to $99

Pre-sale ticket notices for the best seats

E-newsletters about ECRAC events

Your name in our Season Playbill

An invitation to ECRAC's Annual Meeting

10% discount on art purchases from
the Janet Carson Gallery

Supporter - $100 to $249

ALL of the above plus:

10% discount on selected shows
at the State Theatre

10% discount on an ECRAC
art workshop

Patron - $250 to $499

ALL of the above plus:

Two tickets to a selected State Theatre show

An invitation to ECRAC's membership reception

Director - $500 to $999

All of the above plus:

Two additional tickets to a selected State Theatre show

Free admission for two to an ECRAC art workshop

Benefactor - $1,000 to $2,499

All of the above plus:

Your name on the State Theatre
marquee for a day

Artist Meet & Greet opportunities, as offered

Producer - $2,500+

All of the above plus:

Free admission for six to an ECRAC art workshop

Two tickets to ECRAC's annual Jubilee gala

A FREE Community Supported Arts share


Jill and Tom Barland

Mel and Leann Breed


Lopa and Sandeep Basu

Stephen and Kelly Endres

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William Maierhofer

Joanne Miller

Carol and Rick Olson

Larry and Marie Past

Dr. David Schifeling and Dr. Joan Hamblin

Mel and Sally Sundby


Auto Vision Center

James and Connie Beck

Emily and Mark Blaskey

Joel Breed

Bob Carr and Roger Groenewold

Jeff Conger

Mindy and Mike Dale

Judy Dekan and Rick Koziel

Mary Gullicksrud

MaryEdna and Eric Hagen

Cindy Hangartner

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Bill and Marian Klish

Kristo Orthodontics

Brian and Mildred Larson

Nicole Lasker

Jane and John Lokken

Thomas Miller and Mary Ryan-Miller

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Emilio and Blythe Rinaldi

Joan Romig

Laurie and Roy Schlachtenhaufen

Mark & Amy Underwood

William and Ashlie Wallo

Jeanne Warner

Donald and Kathleen Weber

Debbie Williams

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John and Dawn Bartholow

Sarah Blockhus

Paul Bowman

Drs. Ann and Rusty Brand

Tom Brown

Jo Ellen Burke and Terry Meyer

Dorothy Chmel

Kerry and Carrie Christensen

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Michael and Laura Cohen

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Paul and Maureen Doughty

Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce

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Freund Law Office

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Ken Green and Mary Ann Rizzato

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Earl and DoAnn Holzman

Gerald and Mary Jacobson

Jack and Sally Kaiser

Dr. David and Alice Katz

Ann and John Lamoureux

Keith and Rita Lee

Dave and Carol Lindner

Dave Lofquist

Deborah Marshall

Robert and Constance Matson

Mogey and Jennifer McDonough

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Michael and Martha O'Halloran

Ann Ormond and Liam Fennell

Justin and Jill Patchin

Bobbie Peterson

Geoffrey Peterson and Allyson Clark Peterson

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Jerry and Kim Porter

Jill Postlewaite

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RBC Wealth Management

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Brandon Riechers

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Bill Sparkes

John and Lynnette Stoneberg

Paula Stuettgen

Dr. Michel and Cathy Sultan

James and Christine Vaudreuil

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Bob and Janine Wildenberg

Kristin and Brent Wogahn

Dave and Becky Wood

Becky Wurzer

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Paul and Ginny Bonstrom

Judi Boyd Hall

Scott and Vicki Brown

Andrew Brown

Mike Brunner

Tom and Sara Bryan

Myron Buchholz

Cheryl Budnaitis

Robin and Robert Burch

Kevin Caldwell

James Carroll

CARSTAR Eau Claire South

David and Eileen Cattau

Lou Ann Chartier

Bill and Bev Childs

Chippewa Falls Area Chamber of Commerce

Chippewa Valley Band Instrument Repair

Chippewa Valley Museum

Connie Chumas

Bonnie Clark

Matt and Nancy Coffey

Carlyn E. Conway

Roger and Betty Davis

Jo DeCesare

Greg and Sue Derfus

Amber Dernbach and Jon Olstadt

Dr. Donn and Kristin Dexter

Duane and Joan Dingmann

Ellen and Larry Drangstveit

Drew Duggan

Tricia and Bernard Duyfhuizen

Edison Funeral Home

Edmund and Mary Elworthy

David Engedal

David Estreen

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Patricia and Lloyd Everhart

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Randy and Kathy Facklam

Mary Flynn and John Lawler

Jerry and Mary Foote

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Dr. Lou and Jan Frase

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Cheryl and Dave Gavin

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Grosskopf Law Offices, LLC

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Herb Kohl Philanthropies

Pamela and Roland Hicks

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Thain Irwin

Traci Jacobs

Larry Jacobson

Toni Janssen

Jessica Janssen

Wanda Johansen

TJ and Beth Johnson

Al and Peggy Jones

Carol Kading

Jack Kaiser and Marcia VanBeek

Dean and Sandy Kallenbach

Betsy Kell

Norman and Mary Ellen Keller

Brad Kemis

Katy Kiley

Holman and Jerilyn King

Kelly Klein and Ron Herkowski

Richard and Judith Kleiner

Marianne and David Klinkhammer

Sharon Knopp and Ingolf Vogeler

Sue and Ray Koch

John and Debbie Konkel

Robin Korb

Kathy and Scott Krieger

Robert and Kathleen Kruckman

John and Michelle Kuehn

Donna and Ron Kuhnen

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Barbara Lato

John and Judy Layde

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Leland and Anna Mayer

Lucie and Thomas McGee

Susan McLeod

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Larry and Dawn Menard

Barb Michels

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Thomas Misfeldt and Lisa Stark

Gregg and Emily Moore

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Joseph and Joy Motto

Marlin and Lois Mueller

Nancy Nason

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Leo and Judy Kay Ochrymowycz

Cindy Olson

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Maury Pasternack and Shelley Fredson

Sue and Doug Pearson

Robert and Juanita Peck

Carla Peterson

Dwayne and Eleanor Peterson

Drs. William Phillips and Eva Santos-Phillips

Mary and Arnold Pleuss

Jack and Lois Postlewaite

Barb Powers

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Quality Value Realty, LLC

Pat and Sue Quinn

Michael and Barbara Ries

Yuri and Natalia Ripeckyj

Joe and Teresa Rosengarten

Mary Rosolack

John and Kristine Sackett

Don and Mary Samuelson

Ronald and Bonnie Sather

John and Tami Satre

Roy and Laurie Schlachtenhaufen

Kimberly Schmidt

Douglas and Cindy Schwartz

Jacqueline Schwechel

Ann Sessions

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Jennifer Severin

Jamie Shimon

Alan and Kim Shult

Tom and Terri Smith

Brad and Jan Smith

Hal Snow

Dana Solberg

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James and Donna Stolp

Terre and Ken Sullivan

Joel Tengblad

Cheryl Thiede

Jon Thorpe and Suzette Peltier

Mary and Roger Tlusty

Judy Tulgren

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Martin and Karen Voss

Donna Wagner Backus

Michael and Jeri Weiser

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Cindy Westphal

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Beverly Wickstrom and Dana Wachs

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Barbara Brenden

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Mary Burns

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Duncan & Aimee Cameron

Susan Carey and Michael Garrity

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