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Choo-Choo Soul

Saturday, October 29, 2016 | 1 - 3 PM
Adult $20 & $30 | Youth $15

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Imagine parents honestly being able to enjoy the music that their children enjoy. Imagine soulful and current renditions of the ABC's, 1-2-3's, and learning how to be polite. Imagine a diverse, and incredibly hip duo, teaching children through music on an animated train. And Choo-Choo Soul is born!

Choo-Choo Soul was developed by video game designer Greg Johnson while working on his project "ToeJam & Earl III, Mission to Earth" for the Xbox. Burke Treischmann, who was the audio lead and music director on the project, had a working relationship with Greg for over 15 years. The two met Genevieve Goings when she auditioned for one of the voiceover roles in the game. Although she didn't land the lead part, she recorded several character voices, some of which were gospel singers. Genevieve suggested actually singing the lines as opposed to speaking them. Greg and Burke were so blown away by the soul in her voice that Greg edited the script, adding over 10 pages of new singing lines for Genevieve.

"I had down time between game projects and was being driven crazy listening to bad children's music, and searching stores for something the family could all enjoy together, and thus was born the concept of Choo- Choo Soul" Greg says. He began by writing the song concepts, melodies and lyrics and recruited Burke and Genevieve to translate the concepts into full and complete songs. The music is contagious and soulful, with a focus on trains and learning. After the completion of the project, Greg pitched the CD around to various outlets, hoping for a distribution deal or possibility of an animated series. Having a working relationship with Disney from a previous pitch, Greg sent the CD in and the response was amazing. Genevieve and Greg were flown to Los Angeles for what turned out to be an unprepared audition in front of a classroom of 4-5 year olds. The children loved her and the execs at Playhouse Disney decided to move ahead with filming 10 interstitials that now air on the Disney Channel daily and feature Genevieve as the Star in character as the Train Conductor assisted by DC, her beatboxing, and breakdancing engineer.

In 2007 "Choo-Choo Soul with Genevieve!" was honored with a PARENTS CHOICE AWARD for Children's television! In 2008 Disney Records released a compilation CD/DVD of CHOO- CHOO SOUL through Amazon to rave reviews!

Choo Choo Soul has become a favorite in Concert as well, performing at Walt Disney World, with "The Disney Music Block Party Tour", and for the prestigious "Target Festival Of Books" tour in Boston, Chicago, and New York City in 2008, and in Los Angeles, (April) Minneapolis(September)2009/10 and New York City (October) 2009 along with many other dates throughout America and Canada in 2009 and 2010.

In early 2011 Choo Choo Soul participated in the re-branding of Playhouse Disney as Disney Jr. by touring around the country in sixty-seven different markets with The Imagination Movers, and beginning the creation of new shorts for the channel.

They continued their participation in "Target's Festival of Books" through 2013, with performances in Los Angeles, and Minneapolis, and most recently on The National Mall in Washington DC for the Library of Congress's presentation of the "National Book Festival" for the second time!

Now in their 10th  year, Choo Choo Soul continues playing their own  headlining dates across the Country. Disney Junior continues to run   "Choo Choo Soul" ALL the music video shorts  highlighting their performance of Disney Classics that take Genevieve, DC and the gang on all new and exciting adventures. Join them as they travel under the sea, into the jungle and plenty of other magical worlds as they perform songs from classic Disney films, including such beloved favorites as Under the Sea, Supercalifragalistic, Let's Go Fly A Kite, When You Wish Upon a Star and many more. As always, Genevieve adds her special Choo Choo Soul singing style, and DC dances and beatboxes along.


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