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Anne-Bridget Gary and Richard Milheiser

April 25 | 9 AM - 4:30 PM

March 31-May 12, 2017

Color & Clay

Open M-F 9am-4:30pm | Th 9am-7pm

Meet the Artists' Reception: Thursday, April 6, 6-8pm

with a Gallery Reading presented by Bruce Taylor, 5-6pm

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Anne-Bridgett Gary: "In India, I felt such a richness of gold, and orange and pure colour, in all fabrics, beads and in the reverence of Life I was so enamored with.  Gold is a rich colour - green  is Life, pink is warmth and lovely.

I combine these to repeat, in myself, the wonders of the world in my sense of place - gestures of the beauty and richness I perceive, in car rides through the country.

Much of this work , both wall and three-dimensional pieces are directly made in a fast handling, as if to catch a moment in time where it will never come back.  I am surrounded by pine trees, and the lusterous textures of Nature and its form.  Qualities of geometry through the organic-ness of the markings are drawings to me, movement like I feel and know in my head, of dancing, and my mother putting a crown of yellow daisies on my head as we played in the field. 

I am always intrigued by other-than-western cultures, particularly of the themes as related to their symbolism, their religion and their ways of daily living that I have found to be seamless.  I am fortunate to have been in those countries - to see fields of marigolds and orange tall shrines to their gods -and to be in the contemplative surroundings I have found there. 

This work is about these things, based on the spiritual interiors I find in myself."


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