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Spoken Art

March 2, 2017 | 5 - 6 PM
Free and Open to the Public

Featuring Karen Loeb

Karen Loeb will be reading short pieces aloud about her daughter and about aging, considering how a piece turned into a poem or prose story, and encouraging questions from the audience. Karen Loeb's poem "In the Science Museum" won first place in the 2016 Wisconsin People and Ideas contest. You can find the poem, along with some of her other writing, by searching online. She's a professor emerita at UW-EC, occasionally teaching university and community writing classes.

Local Author, former Eau Claire poet laureate, and Professor Emeritus, Bruce Taylor, has goals to entertain and to expose an audience to a wide variety and diversity of writers from the Chippewa Valley (sometimes beyond): poets, spoken word artists, essayists, fiction writers. dramatists, children's writers and journalists have all previously appeared. "We have had first-time readers, local legends, State and National Award Winners, writers we've been reading for years from our newspapers and magazines but perhaps you have never heard out loud or even met. Anyone who's generous and brave enough to show up and share."

What can people expect when they attend readings at the arts center? Bruce answers clearly, "To laugh way more than they would imagine. To think, hear, listen and feel way more than you think you will while sitting on a metal folding chair for 45 minutes. Previously writers and audiences have commented upon and praised the readings at the Janet Carson gallery for the inspiration the gallery always is, the surprise and delight -- each reading coincides roughly with the hanging of a new show, and this year sometimes with an artist reception. Everyone loves the intimate setting, and the near perfect acoustics."

"Who doesn't like a good story or song? Who doesn't like to be read to, particularly when afterwards you don't have to go to bed but could go out to dinner?"


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