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Healing Arts

May 17, 2018 | 9 AM - 4:30 PM

Joy, Peace & Possibilities through Art

Curated by Erin O'Brien

Open W-F 9am-4:30pm | Th 9am-7pm | Sat & Sun 9am-4:30pm

Meet the Artists' Reception: April 12, 5-7pm

Through trauma, coping with life struggles or to reconnect to our true-self, Healing Arts explores the many different paths that can lead us to creativity. This exhibit features artists, instructors, and educators in the field of healing arts.

 "As artists, we come from a place of healing through our art. Our intention is to bring light and hope to ourselves, the viewer, and the world." -Erin O'Brien

Participate in the arts at any of our workshops:

April 6th, 5-7
Janet Carson Gallery
Exploring Color Through Sound and Mindfulness
Jean Kowalski
In this workshop we will be exploring color through meditation, circle, conversation and sound.
$15 per person at the door.

April 18th, 6-8
Wearable Art
Erin O'Brien
This is a workshop with friends and wine as you create your own painted scarf and learn a little bit about textile art. Erin will guide you through the creation of your very own wearable masterpiece. Everything you need is provided to create a work of art-and you take your wearable art home at the end of the night.
$35 per person

April 19th, 5:30-7
Zentangle Workshop
Sandy Wagner
In this workshop Sandy Wagner will guide you through the creation of Zentangle.
$15 per person at the door.

Annie Young's artwork has been described as a dance of color, composition and texture. "Offer an almost a magnetic invitation for the visitor to touch and experience a shared inner journey or memory." Other pieces, with less definition and topography, provide a space for dreaming. Erin O'Brien paints on silk and creates Yoga Energy Art. It is a self-described, "manifestation from trust, intuition and Universal flow. Art has taken me on a journey of discovery and connection to Spirit." Taken from Jean Kowalski's The Women Keepers of our Earth, Water and Sky, "Through shifts and changes, we as women are able to infuse the healing love, laughter and fun into all the changes that are happening on a personal and global level." Jean's work deals with feminine power and love.

Featured artists:

Annie Young, multi-media artist

Jean Kowalski, Reiki Master, Spiritual Healing Coach, inspirational artist

Erin O'Brien, energy art, textile artist

Sandra Marie Wagner, multi-media artist, zentangle





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